model in  Gdynia Orłowo
beautiful model in white body
catching the sunshine
Karo in Kasia Kmieciak awesome outfit
portreit of stunning Karolina Romaniak
nostalgic beauty with graphic make-up
Katarzyna Kmieciak skirt and top
chilling and standing on the rocks
Karo from Malva Models standing on rocks in Gdynia
extraordinary beauty in minimalistic outfit
summertime in Gdynia Poland
white lining eyes make-up
Karolina Romaniak next to cliff in Gdynia Orłowo

Photo session created in the end of summer 2014. I asked absolutely stunning model Karo / Malva Models to pose in awesome outfits from Kasia Kmieciak who is designer based in Gdańsk, Poland.
The idea was to show minimalistic, white clothes on the beach in Cliffs zone in Gdynia Orłowo. Very important was make-up, perfectly created by Aneta Mioduszewska.
The hardest part was to catch moments when tourists are not interrupting ;)

photography: Magdalena Czajka
designer: Katarzyna Kmieciak
make-up: Aneta Mioduszewska
assistant: Justyna Czajka
model: Karo / Malva Models