Natalia Uryniuk and Magdalena Czajka in old casino in Maribor, by Magdalena Czajka
Red shoes on red chair
Retro stylisation with hat founded in casino in Maribor
Natalia resting in oldchool concept store in Slovenia
Very stylish, misterious, old casino
Model resting in minimalistic surroundings
Under the bridge
Girl sitting in old shop in Slovenia, by Magdalena Czajka
Misterious light in a forest
Trying to find good spot for photo session
Polish girl discovering Maribor
Pretty girl next to forgotten pool
Pool without water founded in old park, by Magdalena Czajka
Red shoes on blue pool
Flag of Slovenia hanging on oldschool building

Photo shoot called KINO SLOVENIJA created during international, photographic workshop in Maribor, Slovenia called European Photo Youth. Me and my friend Natalia Uryniuk were invited to participate in one week programme where we were working with our mentors and other participants from Poland, Hungary and Slovenia.

The idea was to make a project connected with city of Maribor. Workshops were focusing mostly on art and reportage but i decided to treat the subject in different way.