Editorial for Anywhere.pl
Adam Link and Weronika Gorecka in the editorial
Weronika Gorecka and Adam Link in Gdynia Orłowo
Pink fur and rocks
models in the forest in Gdynia
climbing klif in Gdynia Orłowo
Weronika Gorecka in handmade dress
portreit of polish model
Adam Link in bordo sweater
polish models on the beach
Adam Link from United for Models
Link on the beach
Weronika and Adam on the sand

Photosession published in printed magazine SkySurfer / Anywhere.pl

photography: Magdalena Czajka,
styling: Natalia Klimza / Ruby Fridays
make-up: Magdalena Zawadzka
hair: Patrycja Romanowska
models: Weronika Gorecka and Adam Link / United for Models