model with Urchynn bag
portrait of Kinga K from Mango Models
girl with backpack Urchynn in Kulturhauz
image of beautiful girl in black
minimalistic black and white composition
Urchynn bag and Kinga Korda
window in Kulturhauz in Toruń
photo of pretty girl in pink
model with Martyna Rokicińska bag
charming portrait of Kinga Korda
funny photo with model in Kulturhauz

Frolicsome Monochrome published by Zeum Magazine

FROLICSOME MONOCHROME is very recent photo shoot created in Toruń (Poland).

The idea of the photo session came from Martyna Rokicińska who is a young bag designer (Urchynn ) and a stylist. Because of her enthusiasm i was able to take shots in Kulturhauz – very alternative place for young artists. We invited also absolutely stunning model Kinga K from Mango Models.The make-up was created by Kinga Klasińska.

photographer: Magdalena Czajka
styling: Martyna Rokicińska
make-up: Kinga Klasińska
model: Kinga K. / Mango Models