Milena from Future Models Management in Catwalk magazine Backstage Issue, by Magdalena Czajka
Portrait of Milena from Future Models published in Catwalk, wearing a cap
Funny photo of the model
Model is laughing on the backstage
Pretty model listening to music with blue, feather eyelashes
Woman with crazy, colorful shoes
Girl with green make-up eating salat
Person standing on yellow backgroud in sexy body
Photo of Milena in Future Models with her hair being brushed
Sexy model in black with pink bottle
Portreit of Milena in backstage

Sesja opublikowana w magazynie Catwalk, numer 6.
Tytuł sesji: Think Pink

Motyw przewodni 6stego numeru magazynu: Backstage

make-up: Roksana Kruszewska
modelka: Milena / Future Models Managment

Catwalk Magazine, Issue 6