Natalia Klimza in Błażej Teliński and Weronika Szynczewska outfit
Ruby Fridays in polish designers clothes
White simplicity
Model in Army gets Down shirt and young designers clothes
blogger in futuristic outfit
Natalia in minimalistic, shiny clothes
photoshoot in Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Natalia in jumpsuit of Weronika Szynczewska /and top designed by Fanfaronada
Klimza in Joanna Jachowicz pants
blue dress designed by Szynczewska

Collaboration with Natalia Klimza who is an owner of stylish blog called RUBY FRIDAYS.

We created photoshoot with awesome clothes designed by: Weronika Szynczewska, Joanna Jachowicz, Army Gets Down, Błażej Teliński, Fanfaronada and Magdalena Paszkiewicz

rubyfridays - white simplicity

rubyfridays - awareness