Beautiful model Marta from D'Vision on the field, by Magdalena Czajka
Pretty girl in wreath with flowers
Marta laying on the grass with heathers
Natural beauty in clothes of Jaga Fashion
Delicate, young woman sitting on the grass
Rock girl in leather jacket
Laughing with joy in the forest
Sexy Marta sittig on the three in Rudnik lake
Thinking about summer and sun
Enjoy the day in a fresh air
Natural hair waving on the wind
Misterious garden and beautiful lady
Sleeping in the wild forest

Photo shoot i created with perfect team: beautiful model Marta, my awesome sister Justyna and great designer Jaga Drzewiecka.
Session was taken in area of Rudnik lake near Grudziądz.

model: Marta P / D'Vision
designer: Jaga Drzewiecka JAGA FASHION
styling: Justyna Czajka
photography: Magdalena Czajka