Malwina Malika Walczak sitting on the floor in dots, by Magdalena Czajka
Surrealistic portrait with mask
Androgynous beauty with geometric make-up
Malwina is laying on the floor with beautiful light
Surrealistic stylisation of the andogynous model
Beautiful, magic model in room full of colorful dots

Photo-session which is a part of bigger project, which i created because of my master fiploma presentation.
"Dyplom" is a self-created magazine about fashion, viewed through my subjective eyes, which include my own text and photos.
I created a magazine called "Diploma" and it's about different views on women beauty in fashion photography nowadays.

promoter of diploma: phd Grzegorz Protasiuk
reviewer on diploma: prof. Sławomir Witkowski

make-up: Roksana Kruszewska
model: Malwina Malika Walczak